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Lawn Renovation

What is offered in a Lawn Renovation?

  • An on-site visit to review the garden, take photos and measurements to make an accurate estimate.

  • We can offer a total lawn renovation or a two-stage renovation for those clients who still need part of their garden accessible for children and pets.

  • Partial or total weed killing of current lawn depending upon the extent of weeds and/or moss.

  • A 1 to 2 day intervention using specialist machinery to remove the dead weeds and grass, and to prepare the ground for new seed.

  • The use of specialist seed mixture chosen to best suit your lawn (shade, use, soil).

  • Top dressing of seed bed with fertiliser and locally sourced compost.

  • All unwanted green material removed and taken to the déchetterie.

  • The site will be left clean.

  • Several follow-ups made to verify the watering regime and then perform the first cut.

Wet grass
On site visit to determine
the needs of the lawn.


  1. A review of garden orientation and shade to determine appropriate grass seed to be used.

  2. Discussion with home owner on the intended use for the lawn (ornamental, heavy traffic, children/pets etc), and current lawn maintenance and watering methods used.

  3. Analysis of soil samples to review the current soil profile and thatch build-up to determine the extent of treatments needed to ensure a successful lawn make-over.

  4. Measurement of area to be treated.

9-Step makeover
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