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Our Projects

Dive into The Greenway's portfolio – a visual journey of lush lawns, vibrant gardens, and outdoor transformations that tell the story of our passion for turning green dreams into reality.

Project - Founex Garden Renovation

The project included land leveling, addressing drainage issues from clay-heavy soils, installing an irrigation system, adding a fence with a new hedge, and seeding a fresh lawn.

Project - Gingins Turf laying

The client desired a lush, kid-friendly lawn, replacing the worn-out, weed-filled one. Concerned about the time for a new lawn to grow, we recommended the efficient solution of laying a fresh lawn with high-quality turf.

Project - Commugny Lawn Renovation

Facing a lawn overrun by a thick thatch layer and persistent weeds, we took a comprehensive approach. Implementing a total weedkill and rotovation process, we thoroughly mixed the soil, establishing a fresh seed bed for seeding. After two weeks of diligent care and ample watering, the result is a lush, vibrant, and healthy new lawn.

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