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Robotic Mowers

Robot mowers allow you to spend less time mowing and more time enjoying your lawn.

Service Description

Our service includes the selection and installation of the best robot mower for your property, maintenance and winterisation of your mower. Why install a robot mower? Time Savings Autonomous robot mowers save time by eliminating manual lawn mowing, letting you focus on other tasks effortlessly. Efficiency Designed for consistent operation, robot mowers ensure even, regular cutting for healthier grass growth and an attractive lawn. Safety Robot mowers have safety sensors to detect obstacles and shut off when lifted, ensuring injury prevention. Quiet Operation Robot mowers operate quietly, maintaining a peaceful outdoor environment and avoiding noise disturbances compared to traditional mowers. Environmental Friendliness Robot mowers, running on electric power, reduce environmental impact compared to gas alternatives, contributing to a healthier lawn with environmental benefits. GPS Guidance Robot mowers often feature GPS for efficient lawn navigation, ensuring thorough coverage and precise cutting along predefined routes. Low Maintenance Robot mowers are low-maintenance with no engine, eliminating the need for refuelling and oil changes. Smart Features Some models have smart features for remote control and scheduling via mobile apps, adding convenience and flexibility to lawn care. Consistent Results: Robot mowers ensure consistent and even cutting, eliminating the risk of uneven patches or missed areas seen in manual mowing.

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