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Robotic Mowing

Despite being around for many years, the popularity of robot mowers is still increasing at a considerable rate. The more recent mowers have seen great improvements in battery technology and also in mowing ability (some even with GPS tracking); prices have also fallen.

Our service includes the selection and installation of the best robot mower for your property, maintenance and winterisation of your mower. For those people who are looking to gain back that time that they lose mowing the lawn each year, a robot mower is a great investment.


Important things to consider before buying a robot mower?

  • Robot mowers are unable to mow over fallen branches or taller grass; they are also not as efficient in cutting up fallen leaves as a petrol mower. You do therefore have to make regular check that your lawn is clear for your mower.

  • Very few robot mowers can mow on slopes of more than 40 degrees, but this is already very steep.

  • If you like a striped lawn, a robot mower may not be for you.

  • As robot mowers leave the grass clippings on the lawn, it is important that a lawn has at least two good scarification treatments during the year.


How does it work?

Robot mowers work within a boundary that needs to be established before the mower can be used, the creation of this boundary is where things start to get a lot more difficult. A wire must be laid out around the entire area that needs to be mowed and also around obstacles like flower beds and swimming pools; this wire should ideally be buried just below the surface to avoid the wire being cut by other tools used to keep boundary areas tidy.

However, once the boundary wire is buried and a low voltage power line also run to the mower’s charging station, the robot mower is ready to go. Robot mowers cut the grass much more often than you would with a traditional mower therefore avoiding leaving large amounts of clippings behind. They use small plastic blades to cut the grass rather than the single large metal blade found on a traditional rotary mower; these blades do require being replaced periodically to maintain a good quality cut.

Wet grass
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