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 Lawn Renovation

Lawn Renovation

Whether you need to create a new lawn or save a neglected lawn. We do it all!

Transform your mossy, weed-ridden lawn into a lush green haven with our expert lawn renovation. We assess, control weeds, and combat moss with aeration, overseeding, and a tailored fertilization plan. Witness a remarkable shift from problem patches to a stunning, resilient green landscape through our expert guidance on watering and mowing practices. Embrace a vibrant outdoor space with our comprehensive lawn renovation service.

Explore our 8-step Lawn Renovation process below to witness how we address weed-filled and moss-covered lawns. Our meticulous approach guarantees top-notch results, providing you with the finest lawn in the neighbourhood. Check out the before and after below for an example of a Lawn Renovation. 

8 step Lawn Renovation process.

Selective Weedkill

Depending on the current lawn condition, we apply either a selective or total weedkiller 10 to 14 days before the intervention.


Sand or soil topdressing improves soil, enhances nutrient absorption, and levels the lawn for a healthier, more resilient turf.


Our specialized heavy scarifier ensures a thorough process, deeply removing dead grass and weeds during scarification.


Fertilizing the lawn promotes lush, robust growth, strengthens roots, and enhances resistance to diseases and stressors.


Hollow tine aeration promotes robust roots, nutrient absorption, and reduces soil compaction for improved drainage and resilience.


Consistent and thorough watering for two weeks post-renovation ensures optimal germination for a healthy and vibrant lawn.


Overseeding improves lawn density, color, and resilience, filling bare patches for a healthier and more attractive turf.

First mow 

The first mow for your new lawn with our roller mower, creating clean cuts and stylish stripes for a touch of Wembley Stadium flair

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